Online Edmonton Businesses Need Mobile Friendly Website Design

The sales of mobile devices have surpassed sales of desktop and laptop computers. Users are no longer tied to a wired Internet connection from a desktop or have to worry about carrying around their laptops to get online through a Wi-Fi hot spot. Today, users simply access online content right from their smartphones or tablets on websites which incorporated mobile friendly website design in the development of their site content. This type of website content is sometimes referred to as a mobile responsive solution.

If you already have an existing website, it is not difficult to convert your existing content into responsive mobile site. Our mobile web design company in Edmonton provides direct access to our experienced web designer and web developers. Converting the content involves modifying it in such a manner so both desktop and mobile users have a shared experience, no matter what device they use to access your website. For businesses which do not currently have an online presence, it is easy to develop a mobile friendly website design while creating your pages.+


Two Is Not Better Than One When It Comes to Mobile Website Design

One mistake companies make is creating a second website just for mobile users. Now, there are two different websites, both with similar content. The problem with this approach is it negatively affects your rankings with the major search engines because of how the content is indexed. It also makes it more difficult to develop effective mobile SEO services in Edmonton.

Next, users are not able to have shared user experiences. For instance, someone searches for home cleaning services in Edmonton and finds your site through a search engine while on their smartphone or tablet. They glance at the services you offer and want to request a quote after they get home. But, because you do not have a responsive mobile website design, they are inconvenienced and have to start their search all over on their desktop or laptop.

Let’s assume they hired your cleaning service and are very satisfied with your service. They want to post positive feedback about your company and share your site link on their Facebook page or Twitter post. However, you have two sites, so which one do they use? Unless they take the time to post their positive feedback through both sites, and in most cases, is highly unlikely, so only one will receive the recognition. This is why it is more effective and efficient to have one site for both desktop and mobile users.

Maximize Exposure for Your Site with Our Mobile SEO Services in Edmonton

The key objective to effective SEO marketing strategies is to drive visitors to your website and make it easier for them to find your Edmonton business. Keep in mind the majority of mobile users are conducting searches while they are on the go. They could be looking for dry cleaning services in Edmonton. Your business might be two blocks away. Because you followed our recommendations for localization optimization as part of your mobile SEO services in Edmonton, your store shows up in the search results and drives customer traffic to your retail location, within a few minutes of the search. This is just one example of the power mobile friendly website design has when your partner with our mobile web design company in Edmonton.



will see unprecedented growth in mobile internet usage.

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of the worlds internet usage is accessed through a mobile device.