Social Media in Edmonton Affects Search Engine Rankings

In the past, search engine optimization (SEO) relied heavily upon such factors like back links, key word saturation, number of page clicks, time spent on pages, and so on. Today, that is no longer the case. While many of these items still have some influence on SEO, they have been replaced by social media. In fact, seven out of the top ten factors used to index and rank websites come directly from social media. If you have not yet tapped into social media markets, now is the time to reconsider and re-evaluate your SEO marketing strategies.

Include Social Media Marketing Services in Edmonton for Complete SEO

While it does not hurt to have a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube account, and so on, it is not required in order to take advantage of our social media services in Edmonton. There are various solutions which can be used to develop effective and efficient marketing campaigns by our social media optimization company.

For instance, Webryze can incorporate linking from your site content to various social media sites by allowing your website visitors the option to share your content through their favorite social media websites. Any time they repost, Tweet, like, or comment on your content on their social media pages, it creates new and credible back links to your original site page. Back linking is one of the key SEO methods used to improve search engine rankings.

Creating new back links using social media websites is just one way of utilizing and optimizing social media in Edmonton. Another useful method you can include as part of your social media marketing services in Edmonton is to tie your content to the actual authors. One of the more common ways to do this is through Google+. Whenever your content is linked to an author’s Google+ account, it creates additional trustworthy links to your content.

Not only are your helping the author improve their content rankings with search engines, you are also improving your rankings in search results for your industry. For example, a deck supply company wants posts an article for DIY deck building. The article is published on their website and linked to the author. Someone gets online, enters in a search for DIY deck building and the search engines return multiple results linking to your site – one through the author’s rankings, and one through your own website rankings.

Increase Indexing Speed with Help from Our Social Media Optimization Company

Our social media optimization company is here to help you discover the effective and cost-efficient social media marketing services in Edmonton to fully optimize your site content. Our experts are aware of all the current trends in social media in Edmonton, as well as all the different factors used to index site content. By using our proven and established social media optimization and SEO methods it is possible to increase indexing times for your website content by as much as half of current indexing speeds. +

Everyone has heard the term “trending” in regards to social media in Toronto. Trending is the direct result of effective social media strategies to reduce the amount of time search engines need to index content. Search engines index credible links to your content from social media sources as they are created and move your company up higher in the search results. When content is trending, the amount of time required to achieve top rated results is drastically reduced.

Imagine posting a blog or article at 9 AM in the morning on your site. Thanks to our social media services, visitors to your site start sharing, liking, and tweeting about the post. By 9 PM that evening, the posting is now on the first page of search engine results and by the following morning at 9 AM, is one of the top ranked. This is possible with the right social media marketing services in Edmonton. To learn more about how social media in Edmonton influences SEO, request your free online marketing analysis by completing the form below.